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Oral Argument in the Time of COVID: The Chief Plays Calvinball, Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal, (forthcoming 2021) (with Tonja Jacobi, Timothy R. Johnson, and Eve Ringsmuth)

Building Legal Literacies for Text Data Mining (Pressbooks 2021)

  • This book explores the legal literacies covered during the virtual Building Legal Literacies for Text Data Mining Institute, including copyright (both U.S. and international law), technological protection measures, privacy, and ethical considerations. It describes in detail how we developed and delivered the 4-day institute, and also provides ideas for hosting shorter literacy teaching sessions. Finally, we offer reflections and take-aways on the Institute. The book is coauthored with Scott Althaus, David Bamman, Sara Benson, Brandon Butler, Beth Cate, Kyle K. Courtney, Sean Flynn, Maria Gould, Cody Hennesy, Eleanor Dickson Koehl, Thomas Padilla, Stacy Reardon, Rachael Samberg, Brianna L. Schofield, Megan Senseney, Timothy Vollmer, and Glen Worthey


Implementing User Rights for Research in the Field of Artificial Intelligence: A Call for International Action, European Intellectual Property Review (2020) (with Sean Flynn, Chistohpe Geiger, João Quintais, Thomas Margoni, Lucie Guibault, Michael W. Carroll)

The New Legal Landscape for Text Mining and Machine Learning, 66 Journal of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. 291–367 (2019)

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